There are unlimited possibilities for student involvement.  USAO provides you with the tools to put your ideas and education into action.  Any media project I can imagine, I can make happen with the help of my professors.  -Alicia Working/Mustang, OK

Most people are born with the ability to acquire good communication skills and the communication program can help students realize their full potential.

Communication, by its very nature, is interdisciplinary, requiring a broad understanding of human behavior; an awareness of the vast diversity, as well as the strong similarities, among humans and human cultures; the global nature of how humans are connected to each other; and the critical need to communicate accurately and ethically.

The goal of the USAO communication program is to teach students how to increase shared understanding-- whether interpersonally, in small groups, in a public forum, or among millions through the mass media. Rather than the narrow view of a specialist, today’s communication graduate must develop a broad perspective that allows him or her to create effective messages in oral, written, and visual form. This is the focus of the USAO program as students learn how, why, and with what effects humans communicate.

The curriculum is based on journalistic principles grounded in research and ethical application of theory in real-world situations. Courses in news reporting, public relations, public speaking, small group dynamics, mass media, graphic design, and photography prepare students for careers in virtually any arena or further study on the graduate level. In addition to the core communication courses that are required of all communication majors, the department also offers special topics and workshops that are generated by the interests of both students and instructor, such as broadcast production, television programming and humor in communication.

Note: Items on this page and page links are intended for informational purposes only. Please consult the current USAO catalog for actual class requirements for this or any other major field of study. Current USAO students should consult their advisor.

Notable Alumni

  • Esther Angell

    Esther Angell | 1995

    USAO's liberal arts background helped Esther relate to and understand multiple facets of cultures.
  • Jed Copley | 2012

    USAO turned out to be the perfect home for this aspiring videographer.
  • Angela Gimlin | 1996

    Angela's Communication degree took her from Carnegie to Music City.
  • Lonnie Iannazzo | 2008

    USAO alumnus Lonnie Iannazzo’s resume continues to grow as he helps produce movies and TV shows.