My professors not only teach me about music but they also advise me and help me with other school work problems that I may have.  Music is my passion and I enjoy the personal relationships that I have with my professors. -Mallorie Kimbrough/Blanchard, OK

USAO has a vibrant and engaging music program. The program’s mission is to train students to be capable and effective music educators, and prepare graduates for the rigors of a career as a professional performer or for graduate study in music. All of USAO’s full-time music faculty members hold the terminal degree in their field. In addition, USAO has superb music facilities and two degree tracks in music that students may pursue.

A second part of the program is to support USAO’s academic mission by providing coursework and ensemble participation opportunities, thereby enhancing the liberal arts curriculum and encouraging engagement in the arts for the general student population. The USAO music program and other arts programs serve as the arts hub for the area, enriching the lives of local citizens through concerts, art shows and theater productions.

USAO’s music department, continuously accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music since 1956, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music with emphasis in music education, performance, and music business. Regardless of emphasis, music majors must select an instrument for primary specialization and complete a core of musicianship coursework.

Why Major in Music at USAO?

  • Small classes with lots of individual attention
  • Highly qualified instructors
  • Exciting and rewarding performance opportunities
  • Excellent facilities
  • Specialized classes in theory, history, pedagogy and conducting
  • All full-time music faculty have doctoral degrees
  • Scholarships available for incoming freshmen and returning music majors
  • Nearly 100% job placement for students graduating with teacher certification
  • Cultural and musical experiences through the Davis-Waldorf Performing Arts Series
  • The music program is part of the broad-based liberal arts focus at USAO

Career Possibilities

  • Band director
  • Choir director
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Studio musician 
  • Private instructor
  • Church musician
  • Music business manager
  • Preparation for graduate study
  • Primary or secondary music education

Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities are available through participation in the Concert Choir, Concert Band and many small ensembles such as Music Theatre Workshop and Chamber Choir. In addition, the music program often offers special performance classes. 

Notable Alumni

  • Joy Yocum | 2005

    USAO helped this 2005 music graduate find her career path in music therapy.
  • Gregg Standridge | 1990

    Gregg chose to attend USAO because of the quality of faculty and instruction.