I want to become a Medical Physicist and the accessibility of my professors and the individual attention I receive here at USAO, is something that I have really benefited from.  -Laura Bennett/OKC, OK

Physics is the study of nature, from subatomic particles to the grand scale of the universe. USAO’s physics curriculum provides the student with a solid foundation in the major disciplines of physics. In addition, the physics major acquires strong problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills, laboratory and computational savvy and a mathematical dexterity which allows graduates to pursue a variety of careers upon graduation or continue on to graduate or professional school. A bachelor of science degree in physics is not only an outstanding preparatory degree for graduate work in physics or engineering but, in many cases, qualfies the graduate for entry-level engineering jobs. The physics major consistently ranks near the top of starting salaries for new graduates.

Physics has laid the groundwork for many advanced industries including computers, telecommunications, aerospace, lasers, and medical diagnostics. Physicists investigate many of the latest discoveries such as massive neutrinos, blue semiconductor lasers, high temperature superconductors, black holes, and our expanding universe.

Physicists are involved in almost every aspect of our highly technical civilization. They do research in universities, military and government laboratories, teach in high schools and secondary educational institutions as well as work in high-tech industrial positions. Others go into law, finance, the medical profession and the publishing and film industries.

The major in physics requires strong scientific and  mathematical proficiencies. Developing the discipline necessary to acquire these proficiencies is an excellent indicator of a students’ abilities to succeed in future careers.

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Notable Alumni

  • Gayle (Eggleston) Ooten | 2009

    A transplant from Phillipsburg, New Jersey, Gayle Eggleston Ooten was interested in studying in Oklahoma in order to bring her larger family back together.