Political Science

Political Science

USAO offers a hands-on and comprehensive approach that I didn't feel was offered elsewhere. I chose Political Science because I want to make an impact in my community and in government issues. -Jennifer Stewart/Valliant, OK

Political science is an academic and research discipline that deals with the theory and practice of government and politics and the description and analysis of political systems and political behavior.

Political science majors develop excellent critical thinking and communication skills as well as an understanding of history and culture and current events. Your courses will introduce you to political concepts, political behavior, policy issues and governmental institutions. There are several fields within the political science discipline, all having equal relevance: public administration, public policy, American government, comparative government, international relations and political theory. You will have the opportunity to take classes in many of these areas.

Because political science deals with current events and sophisticated statistical analysis, it is always a cutting edge area of study. Whether students are analyzing voting patterns in a presidential campaign or the pros and cons of different systems of government, political science is timely, fascinating and perpetually changing. The political science program provides a foundation for the student interested in further graduate work, as well as a career in government service, law or criminal justice.

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  • Chris Collins | 2014

    Chris recommends USAO to any student looking for an alternative to “college-by-the-numbers.”