Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition


The Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition is held each semester as the capstone project for students in that program. Students must develop cohesive concepts through in-depth research with the show as a formal presentation of the results of their intense study into art forms.

fall 2020: connect

Zoe Korn

Originally from Cache, Zoe Korn is a graphic designer and illustrator who hopes “to spark ideas into unsuspecting minds” with every piece she creates. Her works communicate connection with the world around us and encourage viewers to see beyond “the fairy tale stories they choose to tell themselves to help them sleep at night.” After graduation, Korn hopes to move to western Colorado to continue her education in animation school and looks forward to a lifelong career as an artist.

Hannah ADRIAN McCluskey

Born in Tuttle, Hannah Adrian McCluskey decided to make art her life’s passion at 16. Despite initially planning to study painting, after coming to USAO and meeting associate professor Jordan Vinyard she became fascinated with installation and performance art. Since making this shift in emphasis, McCluskey has dedicated her life to “ensuring her work inspires and encourages other people to remember that they are never alone in what they feel” as well as unburdening herself of her own emotions.

Reyna Ponce

Transferring to USAO from Redlands Community College, Reyna Ponce’s sculpture and ceramics works reflect her interest in both art and biology. Touching on “the biological essence of emotion and humanness,” her pieces use bright colors and interactive materials like fur and yarn as well as incorporating plants and insects “to express the value of community within life.” After graduation Ponce will continue to create new artwork while exploring her options for graduate school.