Dr. Jennifer Long / Director of Interdisciplinary Studies

“Our core curriculum remains as innovative today as when it was created half a century ago. The team teaching model compels students to integrate knowledge from across academic fields while wrestling with the 'big questions' of the human experience.”

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Dr. Stephen Weber / Division Chair of Arts and Humanities

“Students gain valuable critical thinking, analytical, creative problem solving and synthesizing skills through the IDS core. These skills give them a decided edge in the workplace.”

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Dr. James Welch / Division Chair of Social Sciences and Business

“The atmosphere of warm collegiality, engaged students and interdisciplinary collaboration make USAO such a wonderful place to teach and learn. Its extraordinary liberal arts curriculum empowers students and faculty alike.”

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Dr. J.C. Sanders / Division Chair of Science and Physical Education

“As a faculty member, the small class sizes allow me to engage and challenge students on an individual level. I am able to help my students outside of class on a daily basis as they work through difficult problems and projects.”

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Dr. Vicki Ferguson / Division Chair of Education and Speech-Language Pathology

“USAO offers the opportunity to be part of a caring, interactive community where a college student can receive personal attention.  The transition from high school to the responsibilities of productive adulthood can be difficult.”

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