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The Drover Review is an annual web journal of essayistic and scholarly student writing at Science & Arts. Founded in 2017, the journal exists to (1) showcase outstanding writing and scholarship by Science & Arts students and (2) offer a growing body of work that students can read, discuss, and respond to in Science & Arts courses. The journal serves and celebrates Science & Arts’s first-year writing classes in particular. In keeping with Science & Arts’s interdisciplinary spirit, however, The Drover Review also proudly publishes a wide range of cross-disciplinary writing and scholarship from upper-level courses.

Target audiences for The Drover Review primarily include students and teachers of Writing I and II, those of other writing-intensive courses, and the general Science & Arts community. We also hope to reach a broader audience of teachers, students, and scholars interested in the production, circulation, and celebration of excellent undergraduate writing.

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Editor in Chief
Dr. Ben Wetherbee

Managing Editor
Dr. Shelley Rees

Editorial Board
Dr. Tonnia Anderson
Dr. John Bruce
Genevieve Gordon
Ketia Henderson
Emily Rand

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