Slime Poem

by Emily Rand


In my mind is a poem, but its shape is like slime.

Dripping, slipping, oozing out of reach each time.

I know it, I feel it, there’s something more there.

I struggle to write the sentiments which I wish to share.

Now, anxiously, I put pencil to paper and spiral,

This poem started as slime, but now it’s gone viral.

Mucus-thoughts reproduce themselves in a frenzied rage

As each iteration wants to be its own page.

Each thought wants its moment, a poem, a song

I can’t do that while deadlines rush me further along.

To quell the scum-like barrage of thoughts in my head

I’ve wrote them all out to harass you instead.

Artist Information:

Author: Emily Rand

Hometown: Tulsa

Major: English

Year: Senior

“Slime Poem” was inspired by a prompt in my beginning poetry class. I was getting frustrated because we were supposed to write “about poetry.” I eventually settled on letting the concept of writer’s block manifest as a slimy, contagious mess—little did I know we’d be canceling half of my final semester due to a similar contagious mess.