The Rape of Deity

by Megan Hay


Their eyes hold no belief every time a

warning falls from the lips of the priestess

who has been professed mad through a curse

by a rejected god

for a price must be paid for refusing his seduction

and foresight could not save her from the consequences

of denying what he sought from her in return

for a gift that brings her to damnation


the knowledge weighs heavily upon her

but they are unable to give credence to the

words she speaks, of the cautions she tries to tell and

she cannot escape the maelstrom of despair that

threatens her with each allegation of insanity that follows

her attempts to alert them to their fate

of destruction and of the fires that threaten

 to swallow them up, as Death slips through the

shadows of anguish and draws ever imminent upon them all


she does not understand why she attempts this foolish game,

when she holds the understanding of how it all ends,

for them as well as herself, and how nothing she will be able

 to do will prevent the outcomes she has been compelled to see;

she wishes that her hands do not carry the blood of the Unbelievers


but she can not wash them enough to banish the stain

which covers pale hands, which have become as red as the rubies

that her mother wears around her neck, on thick, heavy chains that proclaims her status to the world, the world in which

will burn around her, around them all and she is almost grateful that she will die before she sees that fire’s aftermath


which will twirl, with the grace of a dancer, across the ground,

 ravaging buildings and claiming the ones who will wish

they believed her

her eyes, once bright as a spark, will dim with grief, with guilt, with Acceptance, over time as she watches devastation rain and in the end, Gods Will fall, just like man.

Artist Information:

Author: Megan Hay

Hometown: Dibble

Major: English Education

Minor(s): Creative Writing, French, & History

Year: Junior