The Man in the Weird Store

by Becky Blanton


In a strange land and in a weird store

There were lots of fun things to buy and look for

There were submarines with wheels that could fly

And chairs that could run and a singing tie

If you walk to the other side of the place

There are blueberry pies that will fly to your face

The most interesting thing that you might find

Is a little old man stocking shelves though he’s blind

This little old man was probably around fifty

His smile was bright and his clothes thrifty

He had a green bow tie and a big top hat

And down beside him was a small ginger cat

He is a joker as you are sure to soon find out

As you walk over to meet him he’ll say with a shout

Hello and welcome to my little place of wonder!

But the cat will trip him and he’ll make a small blunder

A bag of flour is knocked with a flail to the tile

And You’ll go to grab it with a sheepish smile

But the man will grab your hand as he laughs and gloats

No need it’s self rising flour he says as it floats

Artist Information:

Author: Becky Blanton

Hometown: Comanche

Major: English

Year: Senior