Annual, Memorial and Association Scholarships

Alumni Association

The USAO Alumni Annual Scholarship -- This scholarship is awarded annually based solely on scholarship support received as annual scholarship funds. The scholarship is most often used to supplement named, endowed scholarships to bring award amounts to higher levels. The scholarship is open to all USAO students.

Alumni Memorial Scholarship -- The USAO Alumni Association established the Alumni Memorial Scholarship as a way to honor friends, professors, classmates and family who have passed away. The Memorial Scholarship is an annual scholarship that may include several names and, depending on the amount, given to many different students. All the proceeds are distributed during that academic year. The scholarship basically ‘re-sets’ itself each year with new people honored. The scholarship is open to all USAO students.

USAO Alumni Association Scholarship -- The 2011-12 USAO Alumni Association Board of Directors established an endowed USAO Alumni Association Scholarship in honor of all alumni. The USAO Alumni Association was born on the afternoon of May 18, 1917, in the college library, then located on the third floor of the Administration Building. The scholarship is open to all USAO students.

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