Betty Sanders Scholarship

The Betty Sanders Scholarship is awarded to someone struggling financially to receive an education.

In addition to her career credentials and achievements in physical therapy, Betty Jean Sanders is known for her continuing service and achievements in the national game of tennis. She graduated from the Oklahoma College for Women in 1949 with a degree in biology and received a National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis Scholarship to Physical Therapy School at Hermann Hospital, Houston, Texas and graduated in 1951 with a certificate in physical therapy.

After working as a physical therapist in Texas and as chief physical therapist of University Hospital and Crippled Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City, she received a National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis Teaching Fellowship to Stanford University and graduated in 1956 with her masters in physical therapy.

She was an assistant professor in physical medicine at the University of Kansas from 1956-68. From 1968 -75 she was an assistant professor in physical medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and was later appointed to the graduate faculty. She also served as director of rehabilitation at the Lenox Baker Cerebral Palsy Hospital in Durham, N.C., from 1973-75.

For the next 20 years, Sanders served at Wichita State University, United Cerebral Palsy of Kansas and the Associates in Physical Therapy in Oklahoma City. Following retirement, she continued to work on a limited basis for public schools unable to find physical therapists to meet their needs. In 1986 she became a certified tennis official. In 1992 and 1993, she was chosen to work the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, New York. In 1993, she was chosen as a chair umpire for the Olympic Festival in St. Louis, Mo. She also has served as the chief umpire for the NAIA National Championships. Sanders was named to the USAO Alumni Hall of Fame in 1999.

“For years my family has heard me say how grateful I am for the wonderful education I received at OCW – class of 1949. They were present as I was inducted into the USAO Alumni Hall of Fame and decided, at that time, to award a scholarship in my name to help others receive such a rewarding experience and meaningful education.

“Since I worked throughout my four years at OCW, I know how much any financial assistance means toward obtaining an education. I truly hope that this scholarship will enable some other student who is struggling financially to be able to attain an education. The Alumni Association strives diligently to seek scholarships for students to make it a little easier on them financially to go to school and to receive a good education. I am grateful that the Alumni Association is there and is striving to assist more of these students financially to attain their education.”

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