Class of 1961 Scholarship

To celebrate their 50th class reunion, the 1961 class of the Oklahoma College for Women established the Class of 1961 Scholarship. The scholarship is award to a female student in any major.

During the 2009 alumni reunion, a committee of 10 classmates came together to establish the scholarship. “When you educate a woman, you educate the family and the world. We can make a difference with this scholarship,” said one of the committee members.

The class includes teachers, medical doctors, authors, coaches, therapists, human resource representatives, librarians, CEOs, poets, writers, college professors, business owners, homemakers, nurses and social service workers who live in 14 different states.

At the time of their graduation, the class had 89 members who walked across the stage on May 21, 1961. They were members of numerous social clubs, campus organizations and national honor societies.

Other Alumni Association named scholarships have been established by members of the class of 1961 or are named in honor of class members. 

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