Hall of Fame Award

Hall of Fame

Induction into the USAO Alumni Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed upon individuals by the USAO Alumni Association.  This award is extended to graduates and former students, retired and former faculty, administration and staff of OCW/OCLA/USAO in recognition of their professional achievement and service to society, the University and, who have thus brought honor and distinction to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.

Criteria for Selection:

1.  Up to three individuals may be inducted annually.  The Hall of Fame/Young Alumni Committee may choose also to induct posthumously.  At the committee’s discretion, others may be selected for recognition.

2.  Any individual or group may submit a nomination to the USAO Alumni Association Office by May 31.  Receipt of all nominations will be acknowledged in writing.

3.  While not a mandatory criterion, contributions to the advancement of the University and service to the University and/or Alumni Association may be considered.

4.  Current officers of the Alumni Association or the Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for this award.

5.  The recipients must attend the induction ceremony. The committee will choose an alternate in the event that one of those originally selected cannot attend.  (Exceptions may be made at the committee’s discretion i.e. illness, infirmity.)  In the event the original nominee cannot attend, she/he shall be automatically considered for the following year.

6.  Nominations will be held and considered for two additional years after submission if not awarded in the same year.

Nomination Process:

The nomination form must be complete, signed and return by the deadline date. The nomination form should include:

  1. Nominee’s vita or resume
  2. At least one (but not more than three) letters of support
  3. Narrative of not more than six pages outlining the nominee’s:
    1. Professional achievements
    2. Professional affiliations and recognitions
    3. Civic and humanitarian service
    4. Honors and awards
    5. Service to USAO and the Alumni Association
    6. Other significant information

Method of Award:

1.  Awards such as commemorative medallions and/or distinctive plaques will be presented during the induction with a ceremony appropriate to the importance and dignity of this honor.

2.  To honor the inductees, a picture will hang permanently in a place of honor at the University.

Nomination Form (Please download and print)