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Ron Anderson, 1965-66
Dr. Ron Anderson began his career caring for many patients each day. Now he oversees the care for thousands of patients a day and has become an advocate for health care for all people. More


Barbara Sue Benton, Class of 1951
Barbara Sue Benton has presented the Lord’s Prayer in Native American sign language in every state and 11 foreign countries. She is a 1951 graduate of the Oklahoma College for Women. More


Eugene Earsom, Class of 1970
Long-time advocate of social studies education Eugene Earsom is a 1970 graduate of the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts (now USAO). He earned a master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1981. He is the program director for the Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education. More


Vicki Easley, Class of 1966
Dr. Vicki Easley has spent the majority of her career rejecting the notions that mental retardation equaled hopelessness and that status quo services were acceptable. Vicki graduated from OCLA in 1966. More


Emma Jean Smith Stover, Class of 1950
Emma Jean Smith Stover's business education at OCW prepared her for a variety of occupations -- secretary, bookkeeper, receptionist, writer, artist, actor, singer -- but her favorite occupation is teaching. More


Bradford Edward Ableson, Class of 1980
U.S. Navy Chaplain Bradford E. Ableson has dedicated his adult life to the service of God and his country. As a captain in the Navy and an Episcopal Priest, he has traveled the globe many times caring for the needs of his shipmates.


Bill and Carol Wallace, Class of 1970 & 1971
Nationally recognized children’s authors Bill and Carol Wallace both graduated from the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts in the early 1970s. Carol Priddle Wallace graduated in 1970 and Bill Wallace in 1971 – both with Elementary Education degrees. More


Nan Nabors Reynolds, Class of 1938
Nan Nabors Reynolds’ work in early computers ensured her a spot as one of the pioneers of computer science and technology. Reynolds was one of 10 siblings, nine of which attended OCW. More


Paula Ruth Loop, Class of 1937
World War II pilot Paula Ruth Loop, a 1937 OCW graduate, earned a bachelor of science degree in commerce. In 1942, one year after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Loop joined the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots (WASP), where she received her silver wings the following year. More


Mary Helen Scrogin Wade, Class of 1936
Mary Helen Scrogin Wade has spent her life enriching lives with music. The 1936 OCW music alumna taught music at OCW and OCLA, and she directed church choirs for more than 50 years. More


Betty Remy Burns, Class of 1956
Urban housing revivalist Betty Remy Burns graduated from OCW in 1956. Originally from Ft. Cobb, Burns received training in piano and music theory. More


Ann Marie Hooper Harrison, Class of 1956
International business CEO Ann Marie Hooper Harrison may have had humble beginnings as a singer at the Oklahoma College for Women (OCW), but today, she is the only foreign woman to head a major corporation in Egypt.


Alecia Keahbone Gonzales, Class of 1965
Known for her lifelong devotion to teaching and preserving the Kiowa language, author and educator Alecia Keahbone Gonzales was named to the USAO Alumni Hall of Fame on Saturday, Nov. 5 2005. More


Claire Clemons Cowan, Class of 1959
Known as an actress, director, educator and author, Claire Clemons Cowan was inducted into the 2005 University of Science and Arts’ Hall of Fame as part of Homecoming festivities Nov. 4-6. More

Angela Merenda 'Ann' O'Bar, Class of 1967
Angelina Merenda “Ann” O’Bar has devoted her career to working with young children and their families as a child and parenting specialist. Since her appointed in July 1965 to serve as a parent on the Governor’s Committee on Children and Youth, O’Bar has served as an advocate for programs serving young children, their families, and communities. More


Lance David Henson, Class of 1972
Lance David Henson’s career as a poet began at OCLA with his first book, Keeper of Arrows, in 1971. He is now a poet with an international reputation having published 17 books of poetry. His poetry has been translated into 25 languages. He has read and lectured in nine countries. More


Virginia Voigt Wenger, Class of 1946
Educator, business owner and writer Virginia Voigt Wenger, OCW class of 1946, was named to the Alumni Hall of Fame at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma on Oct. 16, 2004. More


Kelly Johnston, Class of 1976
Nationally known communications expert Kelly Johnston, formerly of Chickasha, was inducted Oct. 25 to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Alumni Hall of Fame. More

Mo Anderson, Class of 1956
From her first career in music to her most challenging professional endeavor as CEO of one of the most successful real estate companies in the world, Mo Anderson of Edmond pursues everything she does with passion. More

Jerrie Cobb, Class of 1948
She would have loved to come "home" to Chickasha this fall to pick up another award, but she was busy flying a medical mission into South America's Amazon jungle. More

Ellen Taliaferro, Class of 1961
After seeing the devastating results of violence in her emergency room work in San Francisco, Dr. Ellen H. Taliaferro is on a mission to rid society of violence. More

Kent Lamar, Class of 1969
All paths seem to lead to the Chickasha campus for Angus Kent Lamar. The 1969 graduate of the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts returned to the campus where he has pursued his teaching career for the past three decades. More


Opel Thorpe, Class of 1931
Her eyesight may have dimmed, but 1931 OCW graduate Pearl Opel Thorpe still has visions for the future. Those visions have materialized in the assistance she has given to homeless women, to promote art education, and to educate youth. More


Ruth M. Arrington, Class of 1946
Dr. Ruth M. Arrington describes herself as being a professor of speech emeritus, but her resume reveals a wide variety of activities and interests for the Sapulpa resident. More


Flavia Brown Bare, Class of 1949
Service is a way of life for Flavia Brown Bare whether in her career or in her personal life. The 1949 graduate of Oklahoma College for Women has spent her entire career in community health and voluntary health agencies. More


Jayne Nash Montgomery, Class of 1942
Little Mary Jayne moved onto campus at age 5 and got a front-row seat as her father led the Oklahoma College for Women through much of its glory days, from the Great Depression to World War II. More


Vestal Litton Nobbs, Class of 1940
Vestal Litton Nobbs has gone from sleeping on her grandfather's couch while an OCW student to operating an international company with her husband of 41 years. More


Loretta Young Jackson, Class of 1984
Add another rare honor to the resume of Loretta Y. Blunt Jackson, ‘84.  Her induction to the USAO Alumni Hall of Fame brings her this distinctive honor: she’s the first person to earn both the Young Alumni Award (1993) and the Hall of Fame medallion (2000). More


Betty Jean BrannanClass of 1953
Dr. Betty Jean Brannan’s 36 year career was in education in home economics/family and community sciences as a secondary teacher, university professor, cooperative extension faculty member, and administrator. More


Lee Shaw, Class of 1947
A nationally-known recording artist and jazz musician, Londa Lee Moore Shaw was a 1947 graduate of Oklahoma College for Women where she was a piano major, accompanying vocal and violin students and playing in chamber music groups. More


Betty Jean Sanders, Class of 1949In addition to her career credentials and achievements in physical therapy, Betty Jean Sanders is known for her continuing service and achievements in the national game of tennis. More


Doris Hinson Pieroth, Class of 1951
A pioneer in the study of sports and physical education, Doris Hinson Pieroth graduated from Oklahoma College for Women in 1951 as a physical education major. More


Juan Granados, Class of 1987
A widely regarded artist and professor, Juan Granados received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in 1987. More


Marilyn Murphy, Class of 1956
Marilyn Murphy knows what it’s like to be on the edge. The 1956 OCW graduate spent 1993-94 in a small motor home driving the entire perimeter of the United States and interviewing various people who had chosen to live on the edge of our country. More


AnnaBelle Lee, Class of 1952
Dr. AnnaBelle Lee says she was first inspired to search for the path to excellent health while she was a student at Oklahoma College for Women. More


Thelma Ray Faulkner, Class of 1954
In the early 1950s, Thelma Ray Faulkner was told that a college degree could take her anywhere she wanted to go, provided she used it. Forty-five year, four continents and hundreds of souvenirs later, Faulkner proved those words to be true. More


Josephine Edwards Taylor, Class of 1928
In education, it's common for teacher's to move from one place to another. But Josephine Edwards Taylor, a 1928 Oklahoma College for Women graduate, defied the common place by spending four decades in one building. More


Lois Gillis HallClass of 1918
"Whistle While You Work" could have been the theme song for Lois Gillis Hall, a 1918 graduate of Oklahoma College for Women. More


Coeta Grimes Evans, Class of 1951
Variety best describes the career of Dr. Coeta Grimes Evans, whether in education, French, foods or research. Dr. Evans, professor emeritus, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, graduated from Oklahoma College for Women in 1951. More


Sally Schott, Class of 1964
Sally Schott graduated magna cum laude from OCW in 1964 and earned her master’s degree from the University of North Texas in 1966. More


Patricia Cooper Percy, Class of 1949
Patricia Cooper Percy graduated from OCW in 1949. “After graduating from high school I immediately began working in a local bank and saved for two years so I could fulfill a dream and go to college,” she said. More


Bill Jaxon, Class of 1968
Bill Jaxon, of Gracemont, Oklahoma, was eight years old when he won his first art competition — at the national level. More


Lillian Canon Boland, Class of 1940
Lillian Canon Boland is a 1940 graduate of the Oklahoma College for Women. She just completed nine years with the USAO Board of Regents. More


Linda Poolaw, Class of 1974
The university’s Hall of Fame honorees have a long list of accomplishments, but Linda Poolaw is the only one who lists being a grand chief of the Delaware Indian Grand Council among her achievements. More


Brenda Stanfill Cranmer, Class of 1965
Brenda Stanfill Cranmer went from Altus, Oklahoma, to become an outstanding OCW student and special education administrator in California. More


Thelma Ball Wood, Class of 1926
Thelma Ball Wood spent eight years as a student on the university’s campus, but she spent a lifetime supporting the institution. She graduated from OCW in 1926 with a major in Home Economics and minors in art and chemistry. More


Helen Ross VonFeldtClass of 1960
Oklahoma City community leader, USAO supporter and OCW graduate Helen VonFeldt  has been a leader in both music and politics. More


Evalu Russell, Class of 1975 and 1977
An animated storyteller who blends her native Kiowa culture into modern lessons for life, Evalu Russell of Anadarko  has entertained audiences around the world with her practical and poignant reminisces. More


Loyce Willett, Class of 1954
Loyce Willett graduated from the Oklahoma College for Women in 1954 and invested the next four decades in the physical education of youth. More


Esther Phillips WilliamsClass of 1927
Esther Phillips Williams is best remembered as the creator of the "College Hymn." The 1927 graduate also wrote the words for the pep song, "Cheer OCW." More


Geneva Elizabeth Helm, Class of 1932
Using her talent and education, Geneva Helm has traveled the world performing plays and operas to soldiers and civilians alike. More


Gainor Chambless JonesClass of 1964
heatre work doesn't always mean being in front of an audience. While she had some theatrical experience, Gainor Chambless Laing Jones used her talents behind the scenes as a director. More


Kathryn Duncan Empie, Class of 1942
She may have spend four years on the OCW campus as a student, but Kathryn Elizabeth Duncan Empie has spent a lifetime in service to the institution. More


Bonnie L. PrideClass of 1948
Dr. Bonnie L. Pride’s career taken her to the classroom, the presidency of a computer software company, and to the political world. Following her 1948 graduation from Oklahoma College for Women, Dr. Pride earned her master's degree in education at the University of Houston. More


Linda Mae Johnson, Class of 1964
After being the first woman to finish the surgical residency program at OU, Dr. Linda Mae Johnson has spent her entire career serving the health needs of Grady County residents and the surrounding area, the personification of leadership and service. More


Ruth Glover Spencer, Class of 1935
Dr. Ruth G. Spencer, Oklahoma College for Women graduate, often is introduced as a public servant whose career spanned 37 years. The public library in Rush Springs bears the name of this honoree whose generous gift in memory of her mother, Alma Marie Glover, made possible the Grover-Spencer Memorial Public Library, dedicated in March 1985. More


Valda Dowdy KesterClass of 1945
Writer, aircraft inspector, Pentagon secretary, world traveler, church leader: these all describe Valda Dowdy Kester. She attended Oklahoma College for Women during "the war years, the sad and tender ones," in her words. At the time of her award, she was pursuing a Master of Arts degree at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. More


Elsie NullClass of 1938
A well-known business and economics expert writer, Dr. Elsie Null received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1938 from Oklahoma College for Women. She received a Master of Science degree from Oklahoma State University and completed her doctoral program at the University of Oklahoma. More


Myrtle Chandler StevensClass of 1959 & 1987
Higher education, in the classroom, in the community, or on the farm: Myrtle Chandler Stevens is a dedicated leader. She’s served as USAO Alumni Director, USAO faculty member, as a classroom teacher, and as the partner in a large farming-ranching operation in Caddo County. More


John Crump, Class of 1970
For some college graduates, it takes time to work into their chosen professions. That does not include John Crump, a 1970 graduate in Communications from Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts. More


Dorothea Seaton Looney, Class of 1942
As one of the leading women in the care of veterans and operations at VA institutions, Dorothea Seaton Looney has seen her share of travel from small-town Chickasha to Europe and points between. More


Marjorie Garrison, Class of 1930
The first woman to serve as Deputy U.S. Court Clerk for the Northern District of Oklahoma was Marjorie Garrison, a 1930 graduate of Oklahoma College for Women. More


Bonnie Bell BuchananClass of 1937
Bonnie Bell Buchanan’s research and teaching had national implications. Her study of the school lunch program led to modifications and changes in the program. More


Billye Ann CheatumClass of 1955
Author, educator, and conference speaker Billye Ann Cheatum, Ph.D. has devoted 30 years of her life to the needs of children and adults with disabilities. More


Wyvona Alexander LaneClass of 1938
Dr. Wyvona Alexander Lane may have started her academic career at the Oklahoma College for Women, working her way through college by waiting tables, grading papers, and assisting in laboratories, but her academic, as well as professional resume includes employment with the National Academy of Sciences, United States Navy through George Washington University and the U.S. Government at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. More


Rose Marie Smith, Class of 1949
Dr. Rose Marie Smith has used her talent and education to benefit aspiring artists, both young and old, across the nation. She has directed over 100 productions, including churches, communities, children's camps, public schools, colleges, universities, and other groups. More


Marjorie Lenochan Dougherty1929-1931
Marjorie Lenochan Dougherty has spent over 4 decades of her life encouraging, mentoring, influencing and educating the youth of Oklahoma. Holding a master of education degree, Mrs. Dougherty has served as the education coordinator for the Frances Willard Home for Girls in Tulsa. More


Margaret Echols Moore, Class of 1929
Margaret Echols Moore, a 1929 OCW graduate, was a producer, director, actress, teacher, church and civic leader and business woman. Her master's degree is from the University of Michigan, however, much of her achievements are tied to Canyon, Texas. More


Polly Lewis Murphy, Class of 1969
The steady hand of Polly (Lewis) Murphy helped to guide the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts Alumni Association as the college evolved in 1974 to become the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma. More


Betty Pat. Gatliff, Class of 1951
She’s an artist like none other.  When police detectives are holding a human skull, and they wonder what the person might have looked like, they call forensic sculptor Betty Pat Gatliff. More


Sarah Emily Ellis, Class of 1937
When Sarah Ellis finally retired in 1973, it was from two twenty-year careers.  But considering her prodigious energy and enthusiasm, they might as well have been three. More


Kimiko Hatta Dugan, Class of 1961
Kimiko Hatta Dugan, Ph.D. used her OCW education to aid her into a professional career that has spanned over two decades. More


Jeane Porter Hester, Class of 1951
International leukemia expert Dr. Jeane Porter Hester of Houston is recognized worldwide for her research in blood diseases and as one of the developers of the Blood Cell Separator which conserves the world's blood supply. More


Edna Mae Wilcox, Class of 1949
Much of what educators and experts know about caring for children with disabilities can be traced to Edna Mae Wilcox, a 1949 graduate from Oklahoma College for Women. More


B. Geraldine Lambert, Class of 1946
Head of Psychology Department is a title not easily earned or quickly bestowed. But B. Geraldine Lambert is no stranger to hard work and discipline. More


Venetta Bynum KellClass of 1940
Combining her love of teaching and travel gave Vanetta (Bynum) Kell a unique summertime hobby: she served as a visiting faculty member at universities in Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Commerce at OCW in 1940. More


Frances G. Felton, Class of 1939
A respected expert in immunology and preventative medicine, Frances G. Felton graduated from Oklahoma College for Women in 1939 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biology. More


Virginia Embree, Class of 1938
As the first full-time director of the Alumni Association, Virginia Embree was a leader in the fundraising, planning and construction of the Alumni Chapel. More


Barbara Crouch Lies, Class of 1956
Her professional career actually began while she was a student at the Oklahoma College for Women.  She began singing professionally the summer after her junior year, with the St. Louis Municipal Opera. More


Clarice Tatman, Class of 1925
Like other women at OCW, in 1930 Clarice Tatman turned history around.  Reversing the historic practice of men playing women’s roles in Shakespearean theater, Clarice Tatman, in full and flowing beard, played an earnest-looking and dynamic lead in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. More


Margaret Free Miller, Class of 1932
Her quiet but profound influence has made a lasting impact on Oklahoma business, education, philanthropy and volunteerism. Her service on numerous boards and trusts has spanned several decades and numerous fields of interest. More


Carma Russell Leigh, Class of 1925
Carma Russell Leigh grew up in a rural Oklahoma town with no library, yet went on to administer America's largest county library system in San Bernadino, Calif.  She is such a leader in the field—appointed state library director of both California and Washington—that her life and work are the subject of one California librarian's doctoral dissertation. More


Claribel (Baird) Halstead, Class of 1925
Claribel Buford (Baird) Halstead, class of 1925, played the male lead, “The Rt. Hon. Benjamin Disraeli,” in USAO’s comic stage production Disraeli so well, that a businessman who saw it while passing through Chickasha said her portrayal eclipsed that of George Arliss in the New York stage version. More


Hazel Frost, Class of 1918
After 19 years on the faculty at the Oklahoma College for Women, Hazel Frost moved to Washington and founded the Future Homemakers of America. More


Gladys Anderson Emerson, Class of 1925
Her most notable achievement in science may have been to isolate Vitamin E, but nutrition expert Gladys Anderson Emerson is better known at her alma mater as a global ambassador for the liberal arts.  Dr. Emerson earned two degrees at OCW in 1925 — one a bachelor of arts in history and English, and the other a bachelor of science in physics and chemistry. More


Te Ata, Class of 1919
Few Oklahomans have garnered as much attention around the world as Native American storyteller Te Ata, recognized for a lifetime of achievement by governors, presidents, kings and her alma mater. More