Jacob Calvin and Belle Leonard Good Scholarship

Five scholarships have been established with the USAO Alumni Association to honor members of the Good family by Yoshie Good of Chickasha. The Goods were early residents of Chickasha where they have served as civic, art and church leaders for more than a century.

The scholarships are named to honor her husband, Leonard Phelps Good, his brother Cavin F. Good; their parents, Jacob Calvin Good and Belle Leonard Good; their grandmother, Ella Taylor Leonard and to honor Isaac and Mary Good.

Jacob Calvin and Belle Leonard Good Scholarship is given to students majoring in English.Jacob and Belle came to early day Chickasha from Marion, Kansas, establishing “Good and Company” realty firm, an extension of Grandfather Isaac Good’s banking and real estate business in Marion. J.C. attended the Kansas State Normal School and Purdue University where he received a B.S. in electrical engineering and civil engineering in 1904.

Belle Leonard Goodwas born in Lafayette, Indiana and was educated at Girl’s Classic College in Indianapolis, Indiana and at Smith College in Massachusetts. They were married in 1905 in Marion, Kansas, and made their home in Chickasha the same year.

Her husband drowned while saving a boy during a church group outing. Mrs. Good was assisted in caring for the five children by her parents, John Daniel and Ella Taylor Leonard. She served from 1913 to 1956 as the local weather observer to the weather bureau in Washington, D.C. Good’s Dairy Farm also continued until Leonard went to college.  Educated in the east, Mrs. Leonard was very influential in the upbringing of her grandchildren. She provided extensive reading material, wrote, played musical instruments with the children, and taught other skills.

The Good daughters both graduated from Oklahoma College for Women. Mary G. Swineford worked in the business office at the university for 48 years. Ella Belle G. Powers, also of Chickasha, taught home economics and worked as a home economist for Public Service Company. All five of the Good grandsons have graduated from college.

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