Mary Frances Willis West Scholarship

A member of the class of 1946, Mary Frances Willis West was a piano major.  She was first taught by Betty Malone and later by Helen Collar.  She accompanied string instruments majors, including Maxine Campbell and Leota Rankin.

Maxine and Mary Frances performed a skit in which she was an old woman and Maxine was an old man.  She was very feeble until she picked up the violin bow and then she did a “mean” number that people liked.  They played at school programs in town and traveled to nearby towns to perform at high schools and civic meetings, traveling in the school station wagon.  Miss Louise Waldorf accompanied them.

Mary Frances was a member of Sigma Alpha Iota fraternity and “Q” Social club. 

She was married to Stan West from Enid.  They had two sons, Tom and Ted.

She served on the alumni board for several years and always enjoyed the yearly reunion.  At one point, she decided a good way to see her friends of OCW days was to meet for lunch once a month.  The first time only one person came -- Phyllis Gayle (Young) Baker who brought all her wonderful old photographs.  The next month she sent out another notice and more came. 

This scholarship is to be awarded to someone who loves music, is a hard worker and just needs a little help.

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