Nance Foules Wier Scholarship

Nance Foules Wier is a 1945 Oklahoma College for Women graduate who wanted to honor her alma mater by establishing a scholarship.

Wier is a native of Muskogee, Oklahoma.  She has a degree from the Oklahoma College for Women and graduate course work at the University of Oklahoma, Colorado University and San Diego State and a master’s in education from the University of Houston.  She completed work at the C. G. Jung Center, Houston, has been a professional and volunteer at the YWCA and a HISC kindergarten teacher. 

At Christ Church Cathedral, she was involved with Brigid’s Place from its inception and was involved with the Rotating Circle, Liturgy Council and with parish life activities.  She served on the diocesan liaison council and Ladies Parish Association.

Nance taught creative writing, yoga, poetry workshops and lead workshops for Methodist, Episcopal, Roman Catholic and non-denominational groups.  She has published articles and stories in Boating, The Instructor and fiction magazines. 

This scholarship is to be awarded to a female student needing financial assistance.  She must be a diligent student in creative writing or teaching English.

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