OCLA Scholarship

The OCLA Scholarship was established by 13-member committee that planned the 2010 OCLA Reunion for students majoring in one of the fine arts. The scholarship is to honor the great experiment that was the Oklahoma College of Liberal Arts. In addition to the scholarship, several OCLA graduates also have worked to restore the lodge at the College Farm. The scholarship is given to students majoring in one of the fine arts or in the social sciences.

It started out as an experiment by the Oklahoma Legislature, but turned into a legacy that spans decades. The idea was to turn the Oklahoma College for Women into a co-education four-year college for academically and artistically talented students. In July of 1965, OCLA was born and along with it came many of the staples that make the university what it is today.

OCLA brought in the idea of team teaching, the trimester system and the core interdisciplinary studies program that makes USAO unique.

One OCLA graduate remarked, “As the bridge between Oklahoma College for Women and the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, OCLA played a unique role in bringing new ideas and concepts to the academic tradition and experience.”

Just nine years after the historic college became OCLA, its name was changed to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma — but its identity remained the same.

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