Phyllis June O’Dell James Scholarship

Established by Francis Ellis Ziegler, this need based scholarship is to assist an early childhood education major at USAO.

Ziegler and Phyllis June O’Dell James are 1949 graduates of OCW and were in business together for 16 years, operating a bridal shop in Boulder, Colorado until the late 1990s.

James lived in California where her husband Jack was an aerospace engineer. They also lived in Boulder for 36 years where she was a consultant for a photographer and wedding hostess at church.

James lived in Tulsa for five years and was a founding member of the Tulsa Association for Childbirth Education.

Ziegler and her husband traveled extensive due to her husband’s business and ended up in Dallas. They were honored in 2000 by the University of Oklahoma with the Regent’s Alumni Award.

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