Tools You Can Use

Alumni News Service
The Alumni News Service is for all friends of the college who have e-mail addresses and want more news faster! Best of all, it's free! List members receive news digests and important information from USAO. Sign up online


Free USAO E-Mail Address For Alumni
Once you graduate from USAO, you can request a free and permanent USAO alumni email address! The e-mail address is web based, so you can check it from any computer with Internet access. Sign up online


Moving? Making News?
We want to keep in contact with you. Let us know when you get a new address, have a new addition to the family or experience a big career change. Call us at 405-574-1290 or update your information online. Online Form


USAO Oklahoma Vehicle Tag
Did you know that residents of Oklahoma can purchase an official vehicle tag that features USAO? Forms are available on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website, along with prices and other special plate options. Online Form

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