Classroom Spice

Dr. Jeanne Mather, Editor

Welcome to Classroom Spice.

Classroom Spice is published twice a year through the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, in Chickasha Oklahoma.  It is a free service provided to help teachers adjust to an ever changing student population and a global citizenry. It provides background information on a variety of subjects as well as  teaching strategies to help with multicultural education and social studies.  Topics range from winter holidays to terrorism, from tips for teaching ELL to teaching children of poverty.  Each issue contains feature articles and a children's literature section (K-12), and many include a student activity page. 

While the publication is copyrighted, feel free to duplicate it for use in your classroom, or in the classrooms of others.  If you would like to be placed on our hard copy mailing list, placed on an email list to notify you when new issues are placed on-line, to share ideas for future articles, or just to correspond  please contact me.

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