Exam Schedule


For those classes that have final exams, Final Exams will occur on Tuesday, August 5, Wednesday, August 6, and Thursday, August 7 according to the following schedule:

Tuesday, August 5
Class Meets        Exam Time
8:00-9:00            8:00-9:30
10:10-11:10        10:00-11:30
1:25-2:25            1:00-2:30

Wednesday, August 6
Class Meets        Exam Time
9:05-10:05          8:00-9:30*
*(if your class begins at 9:05 and extends beyond 10:05, use this time slot)
11:15-12:15        10:00-11:30
Any time within the time of 2:30-5:30 (MW) 1:00-2:30

Thursday, August 7
Class Meets        Exam Time
12:20-1:20          8:00-9:30
Any time within the time of 2:30-5:30 (TTH) 10:00-11:30
Finals for evening classes will occur on the first scheduled evening meeting during Finals Week.
If a student has 3 exams in one day, the student may seek to reschedule one of the exams.