Fall Enrollment Schedule

Mission:  The University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma is the state’s public liberal arts college. Its mission is to provide the public with a distinctive and accessible liberal arts and sciences education. In combining an interdisciplinary core curriculum, with superior instruction in major fields of study, USAO aims to provide a thorough education that prepares students for meaningful, purposeful lives.



In order to more easily enroll students, early enrollment for Fall 2014 will follow this schedule:


Early advisement and enrollment for CONTINUING USAO STUDENTS ONLY.

Beginning March 24                Seniors (91 or more hours completed)

Beginning March 27                Juniors (61 hours completed)

Beginning March 31                Sophomores (31 hours completed)

Beginning April 2                    Freshmen (0 – 30 hours completed)

Beginning April 4                    New Students



EARLY ENROLLMENT DATES FOR NEW STUDENTS:                                                                     

April 4, April 10, April 15, April 18,

May 1, May 13, June 3, June 10, and June 17


LAST DAY TO EARLY ENROLL:                                                                                                     August 7


REGULAR ENROLLMENT DAY:                                                                                                      Friday, August 22


Students should meet with their advisors prior to their designated dates of enrollment to determine which classes they will need.  Enrollment will take place in the advisor’s office on the dates designated. Anyone missing the designated day of enrollment may enroll any succeeding day up through August 7, 2014.  The Registrar’s Office will be open to assist in enrollment although advisors may not be available.  Students who do not go through early enrollment can enroll in their advisor’s office on Friday, August 22nd.


Withdrawals and Changes of Enrollment:  Changes in schedules and complete withdrawals from the institution during the defined add-drop period will result in FULL charges for courses added and full credit for courses dropped.  NO REFUNDS will be made after the add-drop period for that session. All changes to enrollment after the last day to add/drop will be done in the Registrar’s Office, room 204, Troutt Hall.  Last day to add/drop classes for Fall 2014 is August 29th.



Application for graduation in December 2014, should be completed in the Registrar’s Office by August 7, 2014. The last day to apply for graduation and participate in the Graduation ceremony is October 3, 2014.