Power Outage

• Remain calm; move cautiously to a lighted area 
• Turn off and unplug computers and other voltage-sensitive equipment
• Provide assistance to others if necessary

• Between 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m., notify Maintenance, ext. 1233 or 1235. Phones may not be operating properly. If there is no answer, send a messenger to the maintenance office, 2108 S. 19th. 
• After hours, notify Campus Security, (405) 222-8066, or deliver a message to the Campus Security office, located in Troutt Hall 120, on the bottom floor. 
• If evacuation of the building is required, exit via stairways. DO NOT USE ELEVATORS.  Seek out disabled persons and provide assistance. 
• Laboratory personnel should secure experiments or activities that may present a danger with the electrical power off or when it is restored unexpectedly. Notify the lab supervisor immediately. For specific emergencies after hours, contact Campus Security, (405) 222-8066.
• When mechanical ventilation is interrupted, vapors of chemicals may reach hazardous concentration levels. DO NOT perform procedures using hazardous materials until power is restored. Clean up or put away chemicals and close containers.