Student Safety Tips

When Walking or Jogging Alone

• Stay alert; keep your mind on your surroundings. 
• Trust your instincts; if you feel uncomfortable in a situation, leave.
• Know the Grounds; find out what buildings are open late where you can summon help if needed. 
• Vary your route and schedule
• Wear reflective clothing at night
• Consider not wearing headphones as they limit what you can hear


Safety in your Dorm or Apartment

• Never allow strangers to follow you into the building (Tailgating). If observed, notify Security (405-222-8066) immediately. 
• Never prop open locked doors or leave room doors open.
• Secure doors and windows prior to leaving. 
• Call Security (405-222-8066) if you see someone who does not belong in the building or surrounding area.


Personal Safety

• Be aware of your surroundings
• Avoid isolated areas
• Avoid walking alone at night; walk with friends or call Security (405-222-8066) for an escort. 
• Use the lighted pathways
• Tell a friend where you are going and when you will return
• Notify Security (405-222-8066) immediately of suspicious or criminal activity
• Never leave your drinking cup unattended while at gatherings/parties


Vehicle Security

• Keep your vehicle locked when it’s parked and when you drive. 
• Do not leave valuables in plain view. Lock them in the trunk, glove box or place under seat. 
• Park in or near lighted areas
• Report suspicious activity immediately

In the Car

• Keep your car in good running condition to avoid breakdown. 
• Plan your route in advance, particularly on long or unfamiliar trips. 
• Have enough gas money to get you to your destination and back. 
• Drive with all car doors locked. 
• Keep windows rolled up in unfamiliar areas. 
• Never pick up hitchhikers.

Property Security

• Never leave textbooks, purses or book bags unattended. 
• Secure cash, checkbooks and credit cards in a safe place. Carry only small amounts of cash.
• Call Security (405-222-8066) immediately to report lost or stolen property.
• Notify Student Services (405-574-1278) to report lost or stolen student I.D. cards. 
• Register your bicycle with Student Services. Invest in a good lock, such as a U-shaped hardened steel padlock. Lock the bike frame and wheels to a bike rack. 
• Do not leave laptops/tablets/cell phones unattended. Record the serial number of the computer, equipment, etc. Enable GPS tracking software if your device has the option. Information Services may be able to assist you with any questions.