Tornado and Severe Weather Safety Shelter


It means there is a TORNADO WARNING, and you should seek shelter immediately in a designated Campus SAFE ZONE location. (Note: Tornado sirens are tested weekly by Emergency Management Officials during good weather). 

Available Campus SAFE ZONES are: 
• Station 82 and Drovers’ Den (Student Center Basement) 
• Troutt Hall First Floor (just below ground level) 
• Nash Library First Floor (lower level) 
• Gary Hall Basement 
• Canning Hall Basement 
• Fieldhouse Hallway 
If you do not have time to get to a safe zone or evacuate the building you’re in, do the following:
• If outside, move indoors as quickly as possible. Do not go outdoors to see the storm. 
• Move to the lowest level of the building. 
• Go to small interior room or hallway. Stay on interior walls, away from windows and doors. 
Do not use elevators because electrical power may fail, trapping you in the elevator. 
• Use furniture or other available material as protective barriers and shields. 
• Use the telephone for emergency call ONLY. 
• Call Campus Security, 222-8066, to report any damage. 
• Remain in your location or Campus SAFE ZONE until you are notified it is safe to leave. 
• You are advised not to leave campus in your vehicle. If you are in your vehicle when the storm approaches, seek shelter in a building or ditch. Automobiles are dangerous during high winds.