Gamers Guild

Contact Person: Juan Soto
Meeting Schedule: 

Every Thursday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Lawson Clubhouse Gaming room, located on the second floor.

Club/Org. Description

Our mission is to explore the subculture created by video games. By discussing popular genres, keeping up to date on the new events taking place in the gaming industry, and playing the games themselves, we hope to gain a deeper understanding of this subculture, socialize with fellow gamers, and try new types of games some may not have ever tried before.

Mission Statement

Gamers Guild was founded to expose others to the friendship (and friendly rivalries) that video games has created for years. Though young, we have gained support from several outside organizations and have been invited to several state wide events. Gamers Guild is more than a club: It is a family that is always willing to help each other in the digital and physical world.