Student Government Association (SGA)

Contact Person: Cody Coponiti
Meeting Schedule: 

Wednesdays at 5 p.m.
Davis Hall Amphitheater

Club/Org. Description

As a student at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, you are already a member of the Student Government Association. We hope that you take advantage of the opportunities the SGA offers you.

If you have an issue, please contact one of the senators below that represent your classification or division. Although you can contact any Senator and they'd be more than happy to assist you, it is encouraged you contact your specific Senator representative to make sure that your best interests and needs are met by one of your own peers.

(Manages the student government organization)

Cody Coponiti

Vice President:
Allison Collins

Karis Jones

Lauren Carroll

Jose Medina


(Writes legislation and votes on student issues)

Freshman Ward:
Emily Hoebing
Alyssa James

Sophomore Ward:
Alyson Hill
Taylor Hurt

Junior Ward:
Sierra Stone
Brenna Burris

Senior Ward:
Connor Cheek
Michael Nunez

Arts and Humanities Ward:
Elizabeth Betzen

Social Sciences and Business Ward:
Alexis Avery

Science and Physical Education Ward:
Manish Puri

Education and Speech Language Pathology Ward:
Jennie Linck

Student Activities Board Representative:

Off-Campus Student Association Representative:
Mary Allison

At-Large Representatives:
Miah Baker
Logan Webb


(Handles appeals and disputes through Supreme Court)

Chief Justice:
Jose Medina

Supreme Court Justices:
Alexis Avery
Emily Hoebing
Jesika Forgue
David Gregg


Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch