Student Government Association (SGA)

Contact Person: Sabrina Atkinson
Meeting Schedule: 

5:00 p.m. Wednesdays
Davis Hall Amphitheater

Club/Org. Description

As a student at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, you are already a member of the Student Government Association. We hope that as a student of USAO you take advantage of the opportunities that the Student Government Association offers to you. We operate with a unique system combining executive, legislative and judicial branches.

Use the contact link to get in touch with your ideas, proposals or opinions! Or maybe you want to fill an open position in SGA? Let us know! The more diverse the student representation is, the better we can represent the student body as a liaison to our university and the administration.



SGA Executive Council has approved a new, revised Constitution to take effect Fall 2016. For the Constitution to pass, it must be voted on by the legislative branch and then the student body. See below for a summary of revisions made to the new proposed Constitution.

1. Updated position descriptions to better match current responsibilities of SGA Executive Officers
2. Assigned SGA Parliamentarian to hold duties as Supreme Court Chief Justice
3. Added responsibilities to SGA Judicial Branch
4. Reduce Senator seats to 15 from the original 30
5. Updated Advisor responsibilities
6. Moved specific procedures from Constitution to Bylaws (Bylaws still under construction)

The full Constitution with changes highlighted can be found here.


Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Judicial Branch