Division of Arts and Humanities

Vinyard’s intricate machines find international audience

Jordan Vinyard gets very animated when she talks about her creations.

“It’s a piece that consists of 20 smaller machines with prosthetic silicone cast cups,” Vinyard said.

“When people walk up to them, they’ve got little sensors that trigger motors which push upward onto plexiglass, stick to it and then suck away.”

Her grin turns devious.

“It makes a really disgusting sucking sound.”

Arts and Humanities

The departments that make up the Arts and Humanities Division – art, communication, language and literature, theatre arts, music, philosophy and religion – are the cornerstones of any liberal arts degree. They add meaning to the question, “Where have we been?” by asking, “What did we do along the way?” Arts and humanities are the tools we use to express what we have learned, no matter the discipline. Our graduates are able to communicate effectively – whether through words, images or sound.

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