Jerry  Hargis

Regents Professor of Communication

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Degree   Institution  
Ed.D.   University of Oklahoma  
B.A.   University of Oklahoma   


Jerry Hargis has been a Regents Professor of Communication at USAO since 2002. He has worked in broadcasting, theatre and continuing and distance education. While at the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education in the 60s, he created WEEKEND UNIVERSITY, named one of the top ten adult education programs in the nation.

In 1967 he became Director of Adult Education for the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington, D. C., and, for a time, served on the Staff of Vice President Humphrey. In 1969 he moved to the Continuing Education Center at Virginia Tech University as Associate Director for Programs.

He returned to Oklahoma in 1972 as Director of the Division of Televised Instruction and Community Service for the State Regents, fathering the Televised Instruction System and coordinating Title I of the Higher Education Act enriching adult education programs. In 1981, as Assistant Vice Provost for Continuing Education at the University of Oklahoma, he assisted in reorganizing continuing education and doubled the program size prior to his retirement in 1991.  

Hargis has served many national councils and was a founding member of the National University Telecommunications Networks organization. From 1991 to 2001 Hargis directed all Educational Programs at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education. He received many national awards and international recognition for his work in continuing and distance education.

He was inducted into the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame in 2010.