Quan Tran Associate Professor of Mathematics

Quan Tran

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Room 204 | Austin Hall


Dr. Quan Tran has been a member of the USAO faculty since 2011 and is an associate professor of mathematics.

He received a bachelor’s degree in computer science, then, changing his focus, earned a masters and doctorate in mathematics, all from the University of Oklahoma. Tran has been a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma, preparing and teaching lectures on precalculus, college algebra and calculus for business and social science. Tran was also an adjunct instructor at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma City. His research interests lie in areas of geometry, particularly geometric group theory, geometric algorithms and computations as well as the areas where mathematics intersects with the visual arts.


  • Ph.D, Mathematics, University of Oklahoma, 2011
  • MA, Mathematics, University of Oklahoma, 2008
  • BS, Computer Science, University of Oklahoma, 2002

Favorite Quotes

One of David Hilbert's students stopped showing up to classes. Upon inquiring the reason, Hilbert was told that the student had left the university to become a poet. Hilbert: "I can't say I'm surprised. I never thought he had enough imagination to be a mathematician."