Residual ACT

Residual ACT

9:00 AM Jun 12, 2013 |

Troutt Hall 107

The Residual ACT is for students who plan to attend USAO. Scores are reported directly to the USAO Registrar, Admissions and Financial Aid offices but can't be provided to any other college or university. Residual testing is allowed on any day except an ACT national test date and is usually scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Reservations for the ACT Residual test can be made by calling the Assessment Office at 405-574-1281. The cost for the test is $35 payable at the USAO Business Office prior to the beginning of the test. This may be done in person by cash, check, money order, debit or credit card in Troutt Hall 220, or over the phone by calling 405-574-1213. You may also mail your payment along with an application/reservation form to: USAO Business Office, 1727 W. Alabama, Chickashas, OK 73018.

Reservations need to be made at least one day prior to the test day. If no students have made reservations, the test will be cancelled. Students may take the Residual ACT one time per calendar year.

A receipt of payment from the Business Office and picture ID is required for testing. A calculator and pencils will be provided, but you may also bring your own. As soon as all students have been checked in, the ACT will begin. The test will take 3.5 to 4 hours to complete.

Residual ACT tests are scored in the Assessment Office, and scores are usually available shortly after testing is completed.

You may request special accommodations if you have a documented disability. Arrangements should be made at least one week prior to the test date by calling the Assessment Office at 405-574-1281. In some cases, it may take longer to acquire special testing materials.