Free USAO E-Mail Address for Alumni

Graduates of USAO can request a free and permanent alumni e-mail address!

The format for naming the alumni e-mail address is very simple. Basically, it’s the word “alum” followed by the user's first name and last name, which in turn is followed by “" For example, if the user's name is John Smith, then his e-mail address would be

Depending on the length of the name, there are times when the username is truncated to just the first initial of the first name followed by the last name (e.g. Zacharia McLanahan's e-mail address would be instead of

A temporary password is given and the user will then change his or her password to something unique. Users are automatically signed up for the Alumni News Service.

Please allow 2-4 weeks to process the new account.

Changing the E-Mail Account Password
Log into the e-mail account through Webmail and then click "Options » Global » Change Password."

Checking E-Mail
Go to, OR go to the main USAO page at and click on the Webmail link in the bottom menu. Once there, users can log into their accounts with their usernames and passwords and send and receive e-mail using their USAO e-mail addresses.

An e-mail address is required to send your temporary password. Do not use your USAO student email address. We cannot process your request with a USAO student email address. Please use a personal email.