Freshman Admissions

USAO strives to recruit creative, intelligent and driven students who will make a great addition to the University, as well as take advantage of a liberal arts education.

We understand that there are many different factors that might make someone an outstanding student at our University, and our application process reflects this. USAO uses a combination of different qualities to assess each individual for admission. The most important step on the path to becoming a Drover is to apply! Complete your application, and our Admissions team will contact you as soon as possible after carefully reviewing your individual application.


  • Option A: 15-unit core GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale & ACT=22 or SAT=1100

  • Option B: GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale & rank in top 25%

  • Option C: ACT=24 or SAT=1160 & 3.0 or upper 50% of your high school class


  • 4 Units/Yrs English (grammar, composition, literature)

  • 3 Units/Yrs Laboratory Science (biology, chemistry, physics, or any lab science certified by the school district; general science with or without a lab may not be used to meet this requirement)

  • 3 Units/Yrs Mathematics (from algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, pre-calculus, calculus, Advanced Placement statistics)

  • 3 Units/Yrs History and Citizenship Skills (including one unit of American history and two additional units from history, economics, government, geography, or non-Western culture)

  • 2 Units/Yrs Electives (from foreign language, computer science, any Advancement Placement course except applied courses in fine arts or any other mentioned above)

  • 15 Total Units/Yrs Required Units (subject to change under state requirements)

While these curricular requirements will normally be met by students in grades 9-12, advanced students who complete these courses in earlier grades will not be required to take additional courses for purposes of admission.

Students must meet all curricular requirements to be admitted. Students with a deficiency in a non-basic course (excludes English, mathematics, and sciences) who present an ACT reading subscore of 19 or higher may be admitted as a regular admission student. These students will be required to complete an additional three-hour collegiate course in the relative subject area to make up the high school deficiency.

The 15 high school units are required for admission.  In addition, the following subjects are recommended for college preparation:

  • 2 additional units: fine arts (music, art, drama, speech)

  • 1 additional unit: lab science (as described above)

  • 1 additional unit: mathematics (as described above)

  • 4 recommended units

  • Computer Science courses (one or more units) that meet the State Regents’ guidelines for high school curricular requirements may satisfy the postsecondary systemwide computer proficiency graduation requirement.


Some students may be admitted under one of the following "Right-To-Try" opportunities. Students who wish to be considered for admission under any of these categories should consult the Office of Admissions.


First-time students admitted under the “Right to Try” criteria are those who do not meet the State Regents' admission standard for the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma but possess the qualifications that demonstrate a considerable chance of being academically successful.

The Right to Try admission criteria is limited and can only be offered to a specific number of students as set by the State Regents.

Students who are accepted and enrolled under this criteria will be required to participate in the Drover Achievement Program or DAP. The DAP program gives the student additional support by enrolling them in a “College Achievement” course for their first semester.

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