Innovation Grants

The Science & Arts Foundation exists for the sole purpose of providing assistance to the University of Science & Arts of Oklahoma. The Foundation believes that the personnel of Science & Arts are in the best position to identify the most pressing needs of the university that would provide the greatest benefits. 

The Foundation is seeking proposals for Innovation Grants. Each proposal should specify the nature of the project, and the ways in which the project would satisfy a need. Proposals can be for up to $50,000 and may be for multi-year projects. 

Procedures & Deadlines

  • Prepare a written submission outlining the nature of the project, ways in which it would satisfy a need and cost.
  • Submit to your division chair or supervisor for approval. 
  • Once approved, submit to the Executive Director 30 days before a scheduled Foundation board meeting so that members have ample time to review. 
  • Proposals will be accepted on a continual basis. 

Note: Although approval of the proposal remains within the discretion of the Foundation and is not guaranteed, the Board of Trustees is eager to assist their sole beneficiary, Science & Arts, to the greatest extent possible. 

For more information

JP Audas

Vice President for Advancement and Development

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