Computer Lab Locations

Computer labs on campus:

There are several computer labs on campus that students, staff and faculty can use for their academic needs. The computer labs have word processing, printing and document/image scanning capability; however only USAO faculty, staff and students can avail themselves of USAO lab usage. Lab patrons may be asked to show their USAO student ID card at any time.

NOTE: The lab printers only have black & white printing capability. To print in color, students/staff/faculty can have the USAO Printshop (TH 124) make color prints for them on standard or glossy paper stock. However, there is a fee for this service charged by the USAO Printshop.

Computer lab locations:

  • Austin Hall
       – Computer Science Lab (31 computers) -- (Rm 108)
       – Physics Lab (9 computers) -- (Rm 212)
       – Math Lab (2 computers) -- (Rm 213)
  • Troutt Hall
       – Business Lab (16 computers) -- (Rm 318)
  • Davis Hall
         – Trend Office (4 computers) -- (Rm 115a) -- Mac computers only
         – Digital Music Studio (1 computer) -- (Rm 241) -- Mac computer only
         – Social Sciences Lab (8 computers) -- (Rm 228)
         – Music & Foreign Language Lab (5 computers) -- (Rm 247)
         – Graphic Arts Lab (20 computers) -- (Rm 310) -- Mac computers only
  • Gary Hall
       – Education Lab (23 computers) -- (Rm 214)
  • Canning Hall
       – ASL Lab (7 computers) -- (Rm 204)
  • PE Building
       -- Physical Education Lab (2 computers) -- (Rm 116)
  • Nash Library
       -- 1st (Basement) Floor (6 computers) -- (Rm 118) -- open 24 hours
       -- Basement - (4 computers) -- (Rm 108 - Digital Scholarship Room) - limited access
       -- Basement - (4 computers) -- (Rm 104 - Video Editing Lab) -- Mac computers only -- limited access
       -- 3rd Floor Lobby (11 computers)
  • Sparks Hall
       -- 2nd floor (4 computers) – No printer

Lab usage guidelines:

  • No drinks or food allowed inside labs.
  • No loud music inside the labs. If needed, students can use headphones to listen to audio from their workstations.
  • No form of inappropriate behavior whatsoever that can be construed as either sexual harassment or general harassment of any kind.
  • Please avoid abuse of printing privileges by not wasting paper.
  • If the lab printer’s toner (i.e. ink) cartridge runs out, please don’t try to change it. You can either inform Information Services (AH 113) or notify the closest division office administrative assistant. A new toner cartridge will be installed as soon as possible.
  • Unless there is an afternoon/night class in progress, all lab computers will automatically shut down at 5 PM every day. Please make sure to save all your work on your own personal storage media (i.e. floppy disk, CD, DVD, USB flash drive) BEFORE 5 PM! Once the computers are shut down, any work in progress on them is lost as the computers are pre-programmed to reset themselves to a clean state every time they are restarted.
  • Please understand that all the labs on campus with computers in them are not necessarily meant for general usage at all times. Priority is always given to students with academic needs for using the lab computers (sometimes depending on which particular lab itself is needed to perform certain academic requirements). There are also times when classes might be held inside the labs; in such cases, please vacate the lab unless you are a student who is participating in the class.