How to access your USAO student email account

All USAO students are assigned a USAO email address to use for the duration of their enrollment at USAO. Once you graduate, you can request a permanent alumni email address.

New since Fall 2012

We have implemented a new format for student email account names.  This will facilitate automated processing of email and other account information, shorten all addresses to a uniform and manageable length, reduce the number of duplicates, and be useful as user IDs for PX Campus Connect, Moodle, online course evaluations and any other application that requires a unique ID.

The format is as follows:


For example, John Smith, with a Student ID of 123456789, would have a username of  If a user's last name is less than three characters in length, it will be padded with an 'x', so Hong Ma, student ID of 111222333 would be  The initial password will be your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format, as in 08011996 for August 1, 1996.

If you were assigned an email address prior to Fall 2012, you will retain that address until you graduate.  The format that USAO previously used is the letters “stu” followed by the first name and last name, which in turn is followed by “”. So, for example, if the student's name is John Smith, then the email address would be Prior to Fall 2012, the password that was assigned is the first initial (uppercase) of the first name followed by the first initial of the last name (also uppercase), followed by the last four digits of the student's social security number. So, for example, if the last four digits of John Smith’s social security number are 1001, then his password would be “JS1001”.

To Check Your Email, please go to, OR go to USAO's home page and click on the Webmail link near the bottom of the webpage in the middle. Once there, you can log in to your account with your username and password. 

To Change Your Email Account Password, you can do so at any time by logging in to your email account through Webmail and then clicking on Options --> Global --> Change Password.

E-Mail Forwarding to Non-University Email Accounts:
You can use the mail forwarding feature built into the USAO webmail account to forward your email to another email address. If you plan to forward your USAO e-mail to a non-University account, please be aware that many commercial e-mail providers do not handle forwarded mail very well. The only way to guarantee that important University-related messages, including grade reports, course schedules and emergency notifications, actually reach you is to leave your USAO account un-forwarded and regularly check your mail using Webmail, or a compatible email client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc).

And lastly, please check out the USAO Information Services webpage ( has:

  • virus removal information
  • campus voicemail instructions
  • downloadable application for Internet access in Sparks Hall or Lawson Hall
  • contact information for Information Services' staff
  • And lots of other goodies!

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