How to Filter Your E-mail in Microsoft Outlook 2002

Microsoft Office 2002

(The information shown below is using Microsoft Outlook, version 2002.  If you have another version, and find you cannot set up a filter, please call the Information Services helpline.)

  1. Click on "Tools" on the top menu bar, and then "Rules Wizard".  You should see a similar window to the one below.  Then select "New".


Rules Wizard


  1. Click on “Next” at the bottom of the new window.


Step 2


  1. Unselect “from people or distribution list” by clicking on the checkbox.  Then click on “with specific words in the subject or body”  You may have to scroll down through the different conditions to find this one.  Then, in the lower window, click on the underlined “specific words”.


specific words


  1. Now enter the words or phrases you wish to trigger the removal of the email and click Add after each entry.


Add step 4


  1. When you are finished adding new words, click on “OK”.  Then click on the next underlined phrase, “specified folder”.   Highlight the “Deleted Items” folder, or another folder you wish the email to be transferred to.  Then select "Finish".  From this point on, your email will be scanned upon arrival and transferred automatically to the folder you specified.  You can go back and modify or add new words to your filter by following the same steps, by selecting “modify” at step 2 instead of “new”.