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Information, Research and Network Services

Austin Hall, Room 113
(405) 224-3140

Need Help? Report telephone, network or computer problems to:
Phone: (405) 574-1245 (Information Services’ help desk)


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Information Services (IS) provides the following services to the University:

• Administrative computer services
• Academic computer services
• Network/Internet support
• Telephone system maintenance and support
• Institutional research
• Help Desk support: (405) 574-1245 or (405) 224-3140

The office of Information Services’ primary purpose is the development and maintenance of present and future technological advancements for the university. Information Services (IS) supports the administrative and academic computing and technological activities for USAO, as well as the campus digital PBX/telephone system.

USAO's Acceptable Use Policy for IT services on campus

OneNet's Acceptable Use Policy for network services at USAO

USAO’s Fact Books

Lynn Boyce
Vice President for Information Services and Technology
(405) 574-1215

Adeel Siddiqui
Network Administrator
(405) 574-1319

Tom Coker
Computer Technician
(405) 574-1359

Calli Coburn
Administrative Assistant and PBX Operator
(405) 574-1245

Jani Houtz
Administrative Assistant, Instructional Technology
(PM only)
(405) 574-1323

And a special thanks.......
to all our dedicated and hardworking student workers from the past year that have helped to make Information Services and USAO a great place to be at:

-- Ian Pugh
-- Russell Pool
-- Dylan Vansill

We are always in search of students to work in our department. If you are interested, please consult the office of Financial Aid for work-study eligibility; otherwise, please feel free to talk to us in person if you wish. We do occasionally have part-time job openings. We have an open-door policy and are here to assist in any way we can.

Campus Telephone Directory:
The office of Communication & Marketing at USAO maintains a directory webpage that contains the campus contact info and short bios for all staff and faculty offices at USAO. The directory also has a built-in web-form for each USAO employee that can be used to email that person. You can choose to view the directory either alphabetically or by department. Please visit the following webpage to access it:

Equipment Checkout:
IS does check out technology equipment such as laptops, projectors, screens, etc, but only to USAO faculty and staff members. However, students or student groups/clubs at USAO can have their faculty/staff sponsor check out equipment on their behalf. The staff/faculty sponsor will be responsible for the equipment until it is returned back to IS.

Wired Internet Services:
All campus-housing residents are provided with a free high-speed wired internet connection in their campus dorm room or apartment. IS maintains and administers all Internet connections on campus.

Wireless Internet:
Access to the wireless network at USAO is free for faculty, staff and students but does require proper login credentials. USAO has over 100 wireless access points strategically placed around campus. We’ve tried to encompass as much area o f the campus as possible. Specifically, we’ve installed the wreieless access points in all the buildings around campus that have a regular flow of people. That includes Austin Hall, Troutt Hall, Davis Hall, Gary Hall, Canning Hall, the Alumni House, the Student Center, Nash Library, the Fieldhouse, the Gymnasium, Sparks Hall, and Lawson Court Clubhouse. There’s at least one wireless radio --if not two or three--per floor of each of the above buildings. This allows for continual uninterrupted access to the wireless network. Outside access is also available from most locations on campus grounds (with the exception of Bill Smith Ballpark).

USAO Email Accounts for Students:
All USAO students are assigned a USAO email address that will be used for the duration of their enrollment at USAO. Once you graduate, you can request a permanent USAO alumni email address. All USAO email addresses are maintained and administered by the office of Information Services. All incoming freshmen have a student email address automatically created for them by their first week of classes at USAO. Please visit the following webpage for more information about accessing your USAO student email account:

NOTE: Your USAO student email address is USAO’s official means of communication to all students. It is the responsibility of students to regularly check their USAO email accounts for emails from faculty, staff, listserves etc.

Email Listserve Subscriptions for Students:
All USAO student email accounts are automatically subscribed to the following listserves:
• USAO-Drovers (USAO sports updates)
• USAO-News (official events and news announcements from the PR Office about USAO)
• USAO-Official (important announcements and emergency notifications)

If you reside in on-campus housing (i.e. Sparks Hall, or Lawson Hall), then your USAO student email account will also be automatically subscribed to the appropriate listserve below:
• USAO-Sparks (important announcements regarding Sparks Hall)
• USAO-Lawson (important announcements regarding Lawson Hall)

While you may voluntarily unsubscribe yourself from the USAO-Drovers listserve (there will be a one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails sent from the listserve), it is mandatory that you remain a member of all the other campus listserves. The listserves are one of our means of contacting you in case of an emergency (such as a weather-related school closing).

Only USAO-assigned student email addresses are used in any of the student listserves. The listserves can only be used to send out emails by authorized staff and/or faculty on campus. Unauthorized emails are automatically rejected by the email server.
Student groups/clubs/organizations can also have emails sent out to the listserves through their USAO faculty or staff sponsor.

Computer Labs on Campus:
There are several computer labs on campus that students, staff and faculty can use for their academic needs. The computer labs have word processing, printing and document/image scanning capability, however only USAO faculty, staff and students can avail themselves of USAO lab usage. Lab patrons may be asked to show their USAO ID card at any time. NOTE: The lab printers only have b&w printing capability. To print in color, students/staff/faculty can have the USAO Printshop (TH 124) make color prints for them on standard or glossy paper stock. However, there is a fee charged by the USAO Printshop for this service.

Computer Lab Locations:

• Austin Hall
– Computer Science Lab (32 computers)--(Rm 108)
– Physics Lab (10 computers)--(Rm 212)
– Math Lab (2 computers)--(Rm 213)
– Microbiology Lab (2 computers)--(Rm 312)

• Troutt Hall
-- Business Lab (16 computers)--(Rm 318)

• Davis Hall
– Trend Office (4 computers)--(Rm 115)--Mac computers only
– Digital Music Studio (1 computer)--(Rm 129)-- Mac computer only
– Social Sciences Lab (8 computers)--(Rm 228)
– Music & Language Lab (5 computers)--(Rm 247)
– Graphic Arts Lab (20 computers)--(Rm 310)--Mac computers only

• Gary Hall
– Education Lab (24 computers)--(Rm 214)

• Canning Hall
– ASL Lab (8 computers)--(Rm 204)

• Nash Library
-- 1st (Basement) Floor (6 computers)—(Rm 118)--open 24 hours
-- 1st (Basement) Floor (4 computers)--(Digital Scholarship Room)-limited access
-- 1st (Basement) Floor (4 computers) -- (Rm 104 - Video Editing Lab) -- limited access
-- 2nd (Main) Floor-Horace Poolaw Room (4 computers)—(Rm 201)
-- 2nd (Main) Floor-Reference Room-(7 computers)--(Rm 203)
-- 3rd Floor-Writing/Math/Science Lab (3 computers)--(Rm 305)
-- 3rd Floor Lobby (6 computers)

•Sparks Hall
-- 2rd floor (4 computers) – No printing capability

Lab Usage Guidelines:
• No drinks or food allowed inside labs.
• No loud music inside the labs. If needed, students can use headphones to listen to audio from their workstations.
• No form of inappropriate behavior whatsoever that can be construed as either sexual harassment or general harassment of any kind.
• Please avoid abuse of printing privileges by not wasting paper.
• If the lab printer’s toner (i.e. ink) cartridge runs out, please don’t try to change it. You can either inform IS or notify the closest division office administrative assistant. A new toner cartridge will be installed as soon as possible.
• Unless there is an afternoon/night class in progress, all lab computers will automatically shut down at 5 PM every day. Please make sure to save all your work on your own personal storage media (such as floppy disk, CD, DVD, USB flash drive) BEFORE 5 PM! Once the computers are shut down, any work in progress on them is permanently lost as the computers are pre-programmed to reset themselves to a clean state every time they are restarted.
• Please understand that all the labs on campus with computers in them are not necessarily meant for general usage at all times. Priority is always given to students with academic needs for using the lab computers (sometimes depending on which particular lab itself is needed to perform certain academic requirements). There are also times when classes might be held inside the such cases, please vacate the lab unless you are a student who is participating in the class.

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