Programming Your Speed-Dial Keys

Programming Your Office Phone's Speed-Dial Keys

Looking at your telephone set, you will typically see keys for Call 1, Call 2, Pickup, Conference, etc.  These keys are not user-programmable. 

However, the other keys to the right are, (but may have been previously programmed already).

To return all speed-dial keys to their original default values:
 - With the handset in the cradle, dial  7395.

To display the current speed-dial key values:
 - With the handset in the cradle, dial  7396.
 - Press the key you want displayed.
 - Press the SPKR key to hang up.

To program a speed-dial key:
 - With the handset in the cradle, dial ∞ 7397.
 - Press the key you want to program.
 - Dial the feature code or extension number you want to store under that key.  (If you frequently need to pick up calls for someone else, you may wish to program their extension number on one of your feature keys.  Then, when they receive a call, it will flash on this key and you then can press the PICKUP key and the speed-dial key for that extension to answer the call.)

All programmable feature codes can be found here: /infoservices/feature-keys