Retrieving Call Logs

Retrieving Call Logs ( LCD-display phones only )

The Call Logging feature allows LCD-display phone users to view the following calls on their phones :  
• Missed Calls 
• Received Calls 
• Dialed Calls

The Call Logging feature shows the user who called them when they were away or even if they physically received the call, which makes it easy to redial those callers. The maximum number of entries that can be stored in a call log's list is  20 entries  ( i.e.  20 missed calls  AND  20 received calls  AND  20 dialed calls). Call Logging has many  advantages including redial for on-campus calls and  outgoing calls, storage of caller ID information from incoming calls, and missed call notification . The system provides the user with an interface similar to their personal cell phone. 

The following telephones do NOT support Call Logging
• Digital phone without LCD-display screen
• Analog phones (even if they have a LCD display screen)

The Call Logs feature will display the following information for any telephone number :
Name :  Displays the name of the missed/received/ dialed call. If not available, then it will be left blank.
Number :  Displays the number of the missed/received/dialed call. If not available, UNAVAILABLE is displayed. 
Date/Time :  Displays the date and time that the call was missed/received/dialed.

The entries are displayed from newest to oldest. Once the list is full, the newest call is moved to the front of the list and the oldest call entry is removed. The user can  scroll through all of the entries in the call log list via the volume button .


The following are examples of the call logging displays on a LCD-display phone

•  The Main Menu . LCD display users must use a feature code to access the Call Logs.  NOTE : Feature codes always require the∞ (infinity key) first, then the code. When the user enters the Call Logging feature code ( 7333 ), the following display (refer to image below) appears prompting them to specify which Call Log they want to access or if they want to clear all call logs. Press  1 to look up Missed Calls, press  2  to look up Received Calls or press  3  to look up Dialed Calls. If you would like to clear the entire call log history for all calls whether they were missed, received or dialed, then press  4 .

                                                                       Log Type

•  Call Log Display . When one of the call menu options  (Missed=1, Received=2, or Dialed=3)  is selected in the main menu, a display similar to the one below appears.

                                                                      Call Log Display

•  To scroll through the entries , press the volume up button to scroll forward, or press the volume down button to scroll backward.

•  To delete the entry , press  0 . The display will then show the next entry in the list or will go back to the main menu if the list is empty.

•  To delete all entries , press  ( CLR ).

•  To place a call , to any phone number that is displayed through the call log feature, press the pound/hash ( # ) button.

NOTE :  
--  Dialing local off-campus calls from a call log:
--  Dialing long-distance off-campus calls from a call log:
If an  off-campus  call is displayed in your call logs and you press # to dial that number back, the system has been programmed to automatically dial that number for you through an outside line (i.e. you  don't  have to dial  8  first or press the OUTGOING  button to dial outside the campus). Simply press # if you wish to call that number back and the system dials that number for you. The same goes for long-distance off-campus numbers as well, in which case, the system has  also  been programmed to automatically dial the prefix 1 and then the area code, plus the number itself. Of course, you'll still have to use your department's account code to dial any long-distance telephone numbers from on-campus telephones.