Swipe-Card Print Instruction

USAO Information Services introduced a new way to print your documents in any computer lab on campus in the summer of 2014. While the swipe-card print release system ultimately will be easier, better and cheaper for students, it can be a bit complicated a first. But have no fear, a detailed video and instructions are below.

Wondering how to work the new system and/or need a laugh? Watch this video that takes you step-by-step through the process while guaranteeing you will LOL.


To print in campus computer labs

• Make sure you are signed in as Student

• When you click print, please wait 5-10 seconds. The Supervisor Print Client will pop up and ask you to enter an ID for the job. Type in the name you want for your print job.


• You will see a confirmation screen telling you the price. Click OK at the bottom. (NOTE: this conformation screen can take some time to pop up. Make sure to wait and press ok before moving on to step 3)


• You now need to find a print release station. There is one in each lab that is easily visible from the door. It will have a white label at the top of the monitor that reads “PRINT RELEASE STATION.” (Note: If for some reason you cannot use the release station in the lab you’re working in, you can use one in another lab. Your print job should be listed.) They look like this:


• Use the mouse to type your print job’s name with the on-screen keyboard.


• Click the correct print job listed and click “Print” at the bottom right.


• You will see a login box. Swipe your Student ID card in the card reader attached to the screen (the backside of the card should be facing you). You will hear a beep when you swipe correctly.


• You will be given a confirmation screen showing your print job and the price. Notice that you can see your available funds at the top of the screen. Click “Yes” to print. The nearby printer should print your paper.


For additional questions or instruction, call Information Services at (405) 574-1245.