USAO's Plan to Combat Copyright Infringement

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma Plan to Combat Copyright Infringement

USAO complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). The university has an established procedure of identifying alleged copyright infringers.

Bandwidth is monitored on the campus network. In addition, the university uses data-filtering rules on our campus firewall to make peer-to-peer file sharing the lowest priority on the network as well as throttling the pipeline, as needed, to minimal bandwidth to make potential file sharing extremely slow. If a complaint is made regarding network slow-downs, bandwidth is examined for high users.
Conversations are held with that user to determine what he/she is running on their computer and if it is known that a peer-to-peer program is being used, the computer is blocked from the network and the person who owns used the computer must visit with a staff member in the office of Information Services.

Plans are in place to purchase equipment which will help identify computers by their MAC address, which will greatly abbreviate the process when a complaint is made.

Policies and procedures are in place which results in escalating access restrictions, depending on the severity of the infringement. Repeated notices can result in an investigation of alleged violations of the student conduct code and possible discipline.

When students activate their network services, they must sign a form indicating that they have read and understand USAO’s Acceptable Use Policy. USAO employees and faculty are educated during new employee and new faculty orientation sessions. Incoming students are educated during their Orientation class. A copy of the policy is sent every fall to all USAO community members.

USAO continually reviews its procedures for effectiveness and relevance. The quantity of complaints is quite low and recidivism is rare.