Seven State Biennial 2013 Winners (UPDATED 10/16/2013)

Seven State Biennial 2013 Winners (UPDATED 10/16/2013)


The Nesbitt Gallery has chosen the following works as the 2013 Seven-State Biennial Purchase Awards

The Chickasaw Delegate, ink on vintage ledger, artist J. Dylan Cavin ($595.00)

Inquisitive, digital photography, artist Megan Check ($180.00)

Peyote Bluff Rivers II, mixed media 3-D, artist Joeallen Gibson Jr. ($680.00)

Relativity, acrylic, collage, artist Bert Seabourn ($3200.00)

Mickey, oil on canvas, artist Chris Small ($1400.00)

The following works have been chosen as award winners by the 2013 Seven-State Biennial juror, Dr. Mark White:

First Place ($2500)     Power Point, graphite on paper, artist Liz Roth

Second Place ($1500) Carcass, oil on canvas, artist Noel Torrey

Third Place ($500)      High Wire Abstract, digital photography, artist Jane Iverson

Honorable Mention ($100 each):

Twist, T shirts, sticks, artist Kim Rice

Chandu Magic Set, colored pencil, MDF, artist Cynthia Marcoux

Remnants, mixed media, artist Cynthia Brown

Totemic Scape XV, polychrome wood, artist Douglas Shaw Elder

Mix It Up, artist Brian Fickett

The Nesbitt Gallery has announced the artists and works chosen for the 2013 Seven State Biennial.

Joeallen Gibson Jr. Peyote Bluff Rivers II (Mixed media 3-D)
David Holland The Magic Moment (Oil on canvas)
Tobias Flores God Bless America (Iron and Steel)
Katherine Liontas-Warren Mary Todd Lincoln (Charcoal, Acrylic and watercolor)
Cynthia Marcoux Chandu Magic Set (colored pencil/MDF)
Steven L. Brown American Monuments: High Road to Taos-1 (Digital Photograph/Pigment inkjet)
Liz Roth Powell Point (graphite on paper)
Paul Walsh David (tempera)
Terry Zinn Martini Travels: Moab (photograph)
William Stoehr Laine 12 (acrylic on canvas)
Megan Check Inquisitive (Digital Photograph)
George Oswalt Bed Time Story #1 (oil)
Dan Harris She So Salty (porcelain soda salt fired)
Paul A. McCoy Dreamtime Urn (salt-fired stoneware)
Linda Graham Serenity (plexiglas/wood)
Ben Herrington Cube Head (wood assemblage-acrylic paint)
J. Dylan Cavin The Chickasaw Delegate (ink on vintage ledger)
Greg Brown Computer virus/The Nest (reclaimed circuit boards and items from nature)
Nathan Evans Ivory Coast (graphite, oil)
Chris Small Mickey (oil on canvas)
Stephen Lewin Bridge in Fog (photography)
Jonathan Whitfill Collated Colliers (encyclopedia set, resin, wooden frame)
Wilfred Loring Line Dancing II (aquatint)
Dave Phelps Corona (diptych)  (cardboard collage on canvas)
Bryan Cook Spring Storm on Sandias (photography)
Katy Nickell Flower Bowl (1)  (stoneware)
Rudy Ellis Lament of the Fallen (enhanced photography)
Noel Torrey Carcass (oil on canvas)
Kim Rice Twist (Tshirts, sticks)
Cynthia Brown Remnants (mixed media)
Jordan Vinyard How to Put Your Own Horse Down (video/performance)
Jane Iverson Abstract (digital photography)
Cathy Deuschle Mirror Image with Lavender (Oil on watercolor paper)
Dona Walton Grand Canyon Storm (photography)
F. Bradley Jessop Top View (acrylic on canvas)
Douglas Shaw Elder Totemic Scape-XV (polychrome plywood)
Eric Carbrey Lines Project 47 (latex paint)
Karen Ferrer Strawberry Field (acrylic on canvas)
Maurice S. Pérez Nautilus (acrylic, ink pen on wood with steel rod)
Yenphi "Mimi" Le Speksophobia Confront (ceramics, stains, acrylics, mix media)
Traci Martin Wall (charcoal & mixed media on paper)
Lyn Lucas Just Schoolin Around (Shibori dyed silk)
Brian Fickett Mix It Up
Leslie Waugh Dallam Nesting Bird 1 (mixed)
Sarah Perkins Emerald Container (copper, silver, enamel, emeralds)
Stephen L Gorman Complications of Taking Flight (white earthenware, painted acrylic)
Omar Rodriguez Lavandero Sex Story 3 (computer printed ink, screen print, ink transfer, etc)
Bert Seabourn Relativity (acrylic, collage)
Stephen Yochum Ancient Sumer (acrylic)
Jacob Breeden The Audacity of Greek (steel, copper, brass)