Jennifer Troub-100 Alumni You Should Know

Jennifer Troub-100 Alumni You Should Know


By Tailor Finney

Every now and then you come across someone who can do it all. From nursing, to parenting and being a director with Scentsy Fragrance, Chickasha-native Jennifer Troub is one such person.

Troub began her academic career in Stillwater at Oklahoma State University studying biology as a pre-med student, however she quickly switched from biology to chemistry, remaining pre-med.

However, there was always a strong connection to the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma throughout her time at OSU as Troub’s mother is a USAO alumni and her dad worked for the university.

Eventually this connection compelled Troub to transfer. During her time at USAO, she had the opportunity to work at Grady Memorial Hospital, which provided her with a rich patient care experience that, after graduation, compelled Troub to become a registered nurse. She is now a RN and clinical analyst at Grady Memorial.

Along the way she met her husband of now 14 years; had three children, Nathan, Samuel and Rachel; and began selling Scentsy Fragrance, eventually becoming a director with the company.

“USAO brought [me] in touch with different cultures and backgrounds,” said Troub. “I felt prepared to deal with a variety of different people because of the IDS group work. USAO and the college experience itself also taught me good time management.”