Leah Davidson -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Leah Davidson.

Leah Davidson -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


Sometimes a university is the place a student calls home for four years of their lives, while other times it serves to propel the student toward a new horizon. It always, however, provides them with the tools needed to begin or continue the journey. From the classroom to the operating room, alum Leah Davidson took the tools she obtained at USAO to bring her great success both in academics and her career.

Attending USAO from 1985-87, Davidson took prerequisite classes preparing her for perfusion school. Perfusionists operate the heart-lung machine during cardiac surgery, and as such are integral to the livelihood of the patient.

She then went on to attend University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston where she was one of only 16 students accepted in the perfusion program.

“I have been so successful in part because of USAO’s small class sizes and professors who genuinely care for their students,” said Davidson. “USAO provided me with the foundation I needed to get into one of the most competitive schools in the country.”

After obtaining her degree, Davidson returned to Oklahoma and began working in Oklahoma City at the University Hospital and the Oklahoma City Veterans Affairs Health Care System through the mid-90s. She then moved to Tulsa and began working for St. John’s Hospital, St. Francis Hospital and Hillcrest Hospital. Her career has taken her to institutions boasting the first pacemaker implant and bypass surgery and the region’s most advanced hospital for heart disease.

Today, Davidson continues her work as a perfusionist in Tulsa and resides as secretary/treasurer on the Oklahoma State Board of Examiners of Perfusionists. Immense though her success in her career is, the greatest accomplishment of her life has been raising her two loving children.

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