Lonnie Iannazzo II -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Lonnie Iannazzo II

Lonnie Iannazzo II -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


Lonnie Iannazzo II is known for his work with Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and The Huntsman and Spider-Man: Homecoming, but his successful visual effects career started at the University of Science and Arts.

Iannazzo is a 2008 communication graduate. In addition to having visual effects, producer, actor, sound department and crew credits to his name, he also is an Oscar winner.

Within five years of graduating, he was the CG production manager at a visual effects company in Los Angeles and was part of the studio that won an Oscar for Life of Pi. He also did work on Snow White and the Huntsman, which were nominated for an Oscar.

For both those productions, he would help create the show’s structure, assign weekly deadlines for the artists and monitor the playback machines for the director, producers and VFX supervisor. Iannazzo says that USAO gave him the tools for his career.

“USAO prepped me with the tools for success as an adult. The resume and interview class helped me get my first job. Dr. Casey and the communication program prepared me for the fast paced, stressful, demanding career in visual effects,” Iannazzo said.

“USAO offered me something that some of the major universities in Oklahoma couldn’t offer, which was small class size, easy access to professors and a small but friendly on-campus community,” he said. “I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for something outside the norm.”

Not only did his time at the university prepare him for life, it also created memories that will last him a lifetime.

“My time at USAO is something I’ll always cherish and wish I could go back in time just so I could experience it again,” Iannazzo said.

He is an associate production manager for Digital Domain 3.0 in Los Angeles. He also has worked for CBS Television Studios and Rhythm & Hues. In addition to several movies, Iannazzo has worked on TV shows for the CW Network as well as internet-based productions.

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