Make Marble Pay program enters second year with new challenges

Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to shed pounds, compete for prizes and add money to the general scholarship in the second annual Make Marble Pay program. Weigh-ins begin Monday, Jan. 23 between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. in the Health Services office in Room 304 of the Student Center.

Make Marble Pay program enters second year with new challenges



After generating more than $4000 in scholarship money and more than 400 pounds lost, the Make Marble Pay weight loss and health awareness program begins its second year with new prizes and new challenges on Jan. 23 at the University of Science and Arts.


The initiative is sponsored by Dr. Dex Marble, vice-president of academic affairs, and its premise is simple.


For every pound lost by a student, staff or faculty members registered with the program, Marble will donate $10 up to a maximum of $5000.


“USAO’s commitment to its students’ physical health is right there on our seal and it has been from the beginning. Early in our history, at OCW, graduates were required to climb a 20-foot rope or run two miles in order to graduate. With shifts in our culture, leading to more sedentary lifestyles, anything can do to incentivize good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is a worthy investment,” Marble said.


Weigh-in for the program begins on Jan. 23 in the Health Services office in the Student Center, room 304. Participants are asked to visit between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.


Chris Basco, health services director, will conduct the weigh-in. In addition to ensuring that each participant is healthy enough to take part in the program, he’ll be available to offer counseling on the best techniques for safe and sustainable weight loss and answer questions that may arise related to the program.


All weight totals will be kept confidential with Basco and will not be shared with anyone else at any time.


Building on the successes of last year’s program, there are a few changes in store for this year’s participants.


In addition to the two prizes given out to the faculty/staff member and student who loses the most weight (measured by percentage of body mass), a third prize will be given to the individual who produces the greatest alteration in body composition.


“After looking at the results of last year’s program, we considered that someone engaged in serious weight training could dramatically improve his or her health by replacing fat with muscle while achieving almost zero weight loss,” Basco said.


“This new prize recognizes those actively working to move the needle on body composition and encourages weight training as an aspect of the program.”

Bi-weekly weigh-ins will be part of this year’s program.


“It’s just a fact that people who keep some kind of record of their progress are more inclined to keep working towards their goals. By returning to the Health Services office, we’ll help them take the guesswork out it by having one scale to measure that progress,” Basco said.


Participants will have to return for four of the eight weigh-ins during the trimester, which ends April 20, in order to remain eligible for the prize. Any weight loss during that period will be counted toward the scholarship initiative even if the participant is no longer eligible to win one of the prizes.

The university is providing more healthy-living resources for those who enroll in the program. Participants have the option of joining an e-mail listserv for the Make Marble Pay program, run by Basco, which will offer diet and exercise tips, encouragement for sustained effort towards meeting personal goals as well as reminders of upcoming weigh-in dates.


A Make Marble Pay website also has been launched that will serve as a public repository for online resources related to exercise and weight loss as well as provide participants the opportunity to offer observations on their own progress and encouragement for others in the program. The website will be moderated to ensure that the tone remains positive and goal-oriented.


The Make Marble Pay website can be found at