Michelle Skinner -- 100 Alumni You Should Know

Michelle Skinner

Michelle Skinner -- 100 Alumni You Should Know


By Khassandra Hameg

Just in case being a library assistant at the Chickasha Public Library, a private piano teacher, and pianist and organist at the First Presbyterian Church wasn’t enough to keep her busy, 2006 graduate Michelle Skinner is working on a Master’s of Library and Information Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Being creative and having a curious mind were two of Skinners’ strengths during her time as a student at USAO. And the college helped her to develop these two forces, she says.

“USAO's interdisciplinary program prepared me for a multifaceted life that includes many different intellectual and creative pursuits. I am interested in everything and I love finding patterns and connections between seemingly unrelated disciplines.” She received a degree in music with a minor in art from USAO.

Helping people find the information they need is her greatest career accomplishment so far, Skinner said. “In my opinion, my greatest career accomplishments are the times when I am able to help someone find information about something they are curious about at the library (I love answering reference questions), and when I see my whimsical, imaginative students find new and interesting ways to have fun with learning and are able to relate music to everything else in their lives.”

Even after graduating from USAO, Skinner stays connected to the university thanks to university sponsored trips abroad. “Traveling to Europe in 2007 and 2014 with groups from USAO was an accomplishment for me because travel is expensive and I saved money carefully (about 20 percent of my yearly income each time) while paying bills and supporting myself.”

In addition to travel, she lists her music and art as life accomplishments, as well as her acceptance rate to various graduate programs. “Being accepted to every graduate program that I applied to this past year was a very happy and unexpected accomplishment. I would also count various flute and piano performances as well as having my art published.”

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